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As a firm believer that Money corrupts politicians and Government I will do my very best to avoid the financial pressures placed on our campaign due to the cost of running. The only way this can happen is if you take an interest in your country, state, and municipality and decide to donate something much more valuable than money... your time and devotion to agenda issues we share together.

If you have free time.

You can help my campaign by writing Letters to the Editor of any of Milford's Newspapers in support of the Agenda issues I represent. You can tell your friends and family about my website and encourage them to go out and vote. You can assist us in calling our local citizens and businesses and provide them with campaign information. You can ask your friends and relatives to canvass the local community to get out our message. You can offer your ideas for support and how best to get the message out that Milford has a choice and a voice. You can offer your yard for placement of a campaign sign. We also need help with our blogging workshop.

If you have no free time.

You can offer the services of your business, by donating billboard ads,banners, bumper stickers, business cards, brochures, postage, ad space or anything we can use to get the message out.  Please call our office at the numbers listed on the "Contact" link for a "wish list" of things we can use.

If you insist on donating money.

Please do so by clicking on the HOME link and then the "Make A Donation" slide No.1 Please submit donation with the downloadable form.

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